Phu Ninh Lake Eco Tourism Resort - The longest Zipline experience in Viet Nam

PHU NINH LAKE ECO - TOURISM RESORT is located in Trung Dan Hamlet, Tam Dai Village, Phu Ninh District, Quang Nam Province, about 7 km from the Tam Ky station, about 70km from Da Nang International Airport, about 15km from Chu Lai Airport. Phu Ninh Lake is a beautiful place and ideally for sightseeing, harmony with nature, a place known as the "Blue Pearl" Central with spectacular mountains, poetic scenery, romantic.

Liberal landscape, fresh air and hot water are endowed gift to Phu Ninh that few places can obtain. Over many decades, PHU NINH LAKE remained unspoiled beauty as a Highlander woman, for those who ever set foot here will become unforgettable and look forward to be back.


With many types of entertainment, rich entertainment, we promise to bring you great experiences when choosing Ho Phu Ninh tourist area. Enjoy the game: Teambuilding, zipline, dragging banana buoys, surfing, paragliding, speeding canoes, yachts ...


Phu Ninh Restaurant
  • Capacity: 200 guests

Located in the heart of the Ecotourism Center, Ben Du Thuy restaurant has a spacious and airy campus (capacity: 200 guests) surrounded by grass, fruit trees and lakes. With beautiful natural scenery, Ben Thuyen Restaurant is the ideal place to organize parties, birthdays, anniversary, Gala dinner.

Here visitors can choose for themselves the tastes and enjoy local specialties from garden chicken and seaweed to grilled black pork. Along with the order of "home-grown", Phu Ninh Bong fish, dishes made from Catfish, ... in parallel, Phu Ninh chef can process Asian and European dishes at the request of customers line ... See more


Located separately on the Black Rock Hill with a view to the lake, next to the villa Bungalow is designed 100% high quality pine wood. The creation for Phu Ninh Spa looks wild but naturally moves people's hearts,

With the design of each sad and special outdoor hot mineral bath to help you when you come here, you can comfortably relax while looking at the surrounding scenery. There are many types of services for you to choose: Hot mineral bath, Sauna, Body massage, Foot massage, Vip service package, couple, family, Phu Ninh relaxation package, ...

Looking at each customer, Phu Ninh Spa offers the right products to satisfy your needs.

Services 24/7

Phu Ninh Lake Eco Tourism Resort - Quang Nam is always ready to provide and serve you all services quickly, thoughtfully and most conveniently. If you have any requests, please contact the Reception department. We hope to bring you satisfaction when you come to Ho Phu Ninh.

 Reception service 24/7

 Security services 24/7

 Housekeeping service 24/7

 Laundry Service

 Luggage service

 Air ticket, train ticket booking service

Hội nghị


Time: 2 days 1 night

Departure: Da Nang / Hoi An

Package tour prices:

- Tent: 950,000 VND / guest

- Bungalow: 1,150,000 VND / guest

Time: 2 days 1 night

(Pick you up at Ho Phu Ninh Resort)

Package tour prices:

- Tent: 690,000 VND / guest

- Bungalow: 890,000 VND / guest

Address: Tam Dai Ward, Phu Ninh Dist, Quang Nam
Bussiness Department: 0905 784 788 - 0901 157 799
Hotline: 0901 95 96 98
Email: -
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